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Raritan Valley District Scouts BSA Roundtable Resource Site
(updated January 4, 2022)

Welcome to the Scouts BSA Roundtable Resource Site of the Raritan Valley District of Patriots' Path Council (358) at

Our goal is to provide information and resources to Scout leaders, both youth and adult, that will help them to run an instructive and fun program for their Scouts.  Youth leaders are specifically invited to attend.  We call this site "Troop 1" because we hope that we can be a primary source of help for your Troop.  Suggestions on how to improve our service are always welcome through the "Contact Our Troop" link above.

A general introduction to our Roundtable process and philosophy for information sharing may be found by clicking the "Introduction" link in the left margin.

All of Bob and Ray's video presentations are available in the "Backyard Productions" folder toward the top of the left margin.  Remember, these videos serve two purposes:  one is the instructional content; and the other is showing how units can build their own video library of instructional or other types of presentations easily and inexpensively - the challenge is out there.

The next Roundtable is scheduled for January 5 (first Wednesday of the month), 2022, and will be 100% ZOOM.  See details in e-mails from our district e-mail coordinator.  The February 2, 2022, Roundtable is planned to be LIVE at a new location.